6th Grade Camp

Cougar Camp is the name we give to our orientation for new students – usually 6th graders but anyone who is new to our school is welcome to show up. Students and parents get to find out about the expectations we have of students at our school. They also get a chance to see the layout of the school and get an idea of how things will go. At our camp we have a section to introduce parents and students to a teaching method we use that they may not have seen before, or had explained as clearly as we will hopefully do!

I spent yesterday working on our Project Based Learning Component. I got some good advice from a fellow teacher: Build don’t write! People don’t like to write at something like this, so do a hands on activity that includes building. I may be old. I may be in my retirement year. I still need to learn. I especially need to learn from the younger teachers!

Our building project will be interesting. There is one twist that can give a higher “score” that students and parents can use. I wonder if they will use it! I hope to have some pictures tomorrow….


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