It’s All About the Work

This is a blog that is meant to be a discussion starter, so, please feel free to comment with your honest feelings.

One of the underlying principles of the Working on the Work framework is that while there are many things we can’t control, we can control the work that students have. In order for us to be successful as teachers, therefore, we need to engage the students with high quality work. In other words, we can’t control how much sleep they got the night before. They may have been playing video games until 2:00 AM, they may have been wakened by a crying baby or they may have been working to support their family all night long. Those things we can’t control. What we can control is how engaging (not entertaining) the work is and how we ask them to do it.

So…what are your thoughts. I’d like to have a couple of people comment with your thoughts about this idea before I weigh in. I might learn something before I respond.


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