Prepping the Room

I need lots of time to get my room ready for kids. Yesterday I set up the computers. The wires were not messed up too badly which is why I planned for a day to do that. This is why I like to come in early before my contract! I spend a lot of time doing what should be done quickly because I don’t stay focused. Without making a medical diagnosis, I set things up like I have ADD! It’s amazing to me that computers that worked well at the end of the year are now having problems. Just what did Tech services do to these things?

This year I am trying a checklist on the board. I have listed the things I need to get done and I have four circles for each thing. As I do part, I can give myself partial credit. It’s an incentive to me to have those stops along the way. I would guess that something like that might help my students. Even as I am setting up my room, I am thinking about and praying about the students who will occupy the chairs and use the computers. How can I improve what I’ve done in the past? How can I help my kids. Nothing deep today…just my thoughts as I get ready to work.


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