Getting in Teacher Shape

So today was almost like a regular day at school. Except we don’t report back until tomorrow and I didn’t need to be there. Today was, in fact, the last day before work at school starts “in anger.” (No, I’m not angry. It’s a metaphor.) Today I could still decide that I needed a break from what I was doing and wander around or talk to someone – if anyone was there. The hallways echoed the silence. It was almost eerie knowing that beginning next week those same hallways will echo with shouts and laughter and talking and sometimes tears. Ok, the tears will be heard on Wednesday when the teachers report to campus since tomorrow is a day when everyone has off campus in-services. How does the saying go? If I die at school let it be during an in-service because the transition from life to death would be so subtle. (And yes, I have planned inservices with a great team that were not like that!)

Now that I’ve rambled a bit, even though I was not held to a schedule today, I did get some work accomplished. When I got home, though, I was tired. I sat down at the computer and promptly fell asleep. Do you know why we have inservices before school starts? Two reasons: 1) we will be reminded of what we don’t want to put our students through and 2) we have a chance to get in teacher shape for the school year. Two days of inservice followed by two work days – but no longer the easy going “no one else is here so I can wander through it” type of workday. Now things begin in earnest! At about 4:00 Friday afternoon I expect to hear wailing and gnashing of teeth as teachers are stymied by computer, copy machine, riso or laminating machine problems in their last minute fury to finish things off and be ready for students. By 4:00 Friday I expect to have fielded about three dozen phone calls from people who are dealing with login issues on the new computer set up. Oh, and most of those will be because of a REAL glitch in the system. (“Use one browser for this program, use another browser for that program.” Yes. I mean it. Seriously!)

I should mention that I will still be getting into teacher shape the whole first week. Do you want to know what is most cruel about all of this? Teachers are not allowed to have coffee makers in the classrooms. Fire Code they say. Right. I think those regulations were put there by people who have no regard for the safety of the children. One pot, maybe two in the teachers’ lounge. Right, like that’s enough coffee to keep us awake. And alert. And protect the children. I think a smart entrepreneur could set up some kind of system to run coffee to teachers in their classrooms. They could make a fortune while doing a great public service.

Ok…this was a post full of  wandering words while thinking about getting ready for tomorrow. And I didn’t post Saturday or Sunday. I promised (or meant to promise) to post each school day this year, so I officially shouldn’t have started until tomorrow. You may agree after reading this post that I should have waited. Sometimes posts will be attempts at humor. Sometimes they will be serious. Hopefully they will be entertaining in a laughter sort of way or a thoughtful sort of way.



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