Expecting Miracles

I think everyone ought to have the fun of doing this comparison. Go into the room of a teacher who is getting their room ready for the first day of school about noon on the day before the last workday. Look around the room and notice all the books, papers and equipment strewn about the room, falling off of desks and tables and blocking every pathway in the room except for one. I know what you’ll be thinking. “How in the world will this teacher be ready for school when the first day is next Monday?” I know this is true because even knowing how some of these teachers work, I look at their rooms and think that very thought. But I’m expecting miracles and for rooms to be ready.

When I left the building at 6:00 tonight the parking lot was still full. When I get there in the morning, I am guessing the lot will be full again and will be until late in the night. We have a dedicated team. The rooms will be ready. The lessons prepared and everyone will be ready to start the year off right. All of this would be kind of pointless though, without the kids. They’ll come from many different backgrounds. And we have to know the way to reach them and help them learn. The task is even more daunting than getting the room ready! I’m expecting miracles.


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