Summer’s Over…

…school has begun. (almost) This has been a rallying cry for teachers in our district to get ready to go ever since it was uttered by one of our convocation speakers. Today our superintendent sent an email reminding us of this truth. His message: enjoy this weekend, get plenty of rest and come to work Monday ready to give it our all. Our superintendent actually has two qualities that often don’t mix. At least I think he exhibits these two qualities. First, he is extremely competent in all he does. I believe he is still with our district because he has a commitment to our district. He could probably go elsewhere and make more money. Second, he is an extremely nice person. He either cares about the people in the district or he is an amazing actor. And remember, I don’t need to try and butter anyone up: this is my (possible) retirement year.

Even though I could retire after this year, I am not planning on doing so. I have the chance to serve with a great staff and under a great school administration. We have the chance to make a difference in kids’ lives. Some of these kids need a start. Some need a new start. All of them need our compassion, our cajoling, our scolding and our encouragement. In short, they need us to believe in them and love them.

Summer’s over… the halls and rooms are clean, decorated and shining. Summer’s over…the shorts and sandals are being put away. Summer’s over…but the heat isn’t. When school begins on Monday we’ll be ready. As a school this is the year we will burst out of the shadow of an AU (Academically Unacceptable) status. As a school, this is the year that people begin hearing about our accomplishments instead of our troubles. The fun begins now!


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