Well, I started off the year doing two things I hate to do. Yesterday, I wrote a referral for a student. Today, I had a sub for a half day. I have told my students that if I am 50% or better, I will be in class. Unfortunately I had a doctor’s appointment today. I hate having to use subs anyway. I especially hate having to use a sub this early in the year. I put the request in a few weeks ago because I knew this was coming and wanted to be sure and get a good sub. Still, I waited with trepidation.

The email came. The job had been picked up. That was good. Who picked it up? Fantastic! My favorite sub of all time had picked up the job! I couldn’t find her last year and I thought she had stopped subbing. The joys of having a good sub allows you to do some different things. If I had a sub I didn’t know, or one that I wasn’t confident in, that would limit my lesson plan options. With this sub, I knew that I could do practically anything and she would either pull it off well or, if there were problems, she would adjust and fix things on the fly.

I’m anxious to see how the kids responded tomorrow. I didn’t stop by after my doctor’s appointment to check on notes or anything like that. A good substitute is worth their weight in gold and I knew that my classes were in good hands today when I left. And I already have two more absences to schedule…..


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