False Pretenses

So today was a rather interesting day. I asked the kids to reflect on their first week as 6th graders. Many of them said nice things about the class. My class is not normally boring so kids seem to like it most of the time. Today in fact, I got excited about pencils and how Science, Technology, Engineering and Math played a part in developing the pencils as we have it today. As we talked about that I could imagine kids going home and telling their parents that their teacher was going bananas over pencils and the technology involved! (If you don’t understand why I could get excited, ask  and I’ll tell you why in the comments.)

Anyway, I was riding a bit of a wave from some of the nice things being said; the GOOD note left by my sub; and then the kid I had to write up earlier in the week doing well today. I should have seen it coming. A kid griped as he left the room, “I took this class because I thought we were going to work on the computers all the time and not do so much writing.” No doubt. We do a lot of writing. We study a lot of different aspects of technology and sometimes that includes a lot of writing. But we also do some amazing projects. How often do people make snap judgments and not look at the long term possibilities available. We will do some computer work. We will work with automation and robotics. We will work in the field with GPS units and laptops. We will create some amazing windmills. In short, we will do far more than he really expects and in the long run he will enjoy the class far more than he realizes.

This class is called “Gateway to Technology” and we open all kinds of doors for kids if they will just open their eyes to the possibilities. My job is to give the kids the opportunities to see what’s available there for them in the future and teach them how to learn as the technology of tomorrow will make any skills they learn this year obsolete within a few years. I just can’t wait to see how these kids grow and develop.


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