Holidays and Teamwork

There’s something weird about a school year when you start, have a week of classes and then get a day off. Well, the kids get a day off. I had to finish some grading and some lesson planning. Still, it was a nice restful day.

The hardest part of going back on Tuesday – a faculty meeting first thing in the morning. Normally I love Tuesday meetings. We get to set things up early Monday and  get ready for the week. Then, Tuesday we meet and work together as a team. But Mondays off and a Tuesday meeting is rush around time before the meeting and rushing to get going for First Period. On the other hand, that’s part of the job and I love what I do…even the meetings.

I know, meetings are boring in some ways, but we are on a path to get out of a bad situation and during the meetings  we focus on those kids who need a little push to get them over the top. How will we work together. How can Language Arts and Math work together? What about Math and Science or Social Studies? How can electives help support the Core Classes? We are no longer in a situation where each discipline can work on their own. We need to remember that each teacher must work together to teach each child. I no longer claim responsibility for the 125 or so people that are in my classes; I must claim responsibility for all 600+ students in the school. Part of that responsibility involves establishing a culture of excellence throughout the school and we all have to work together. It begins with me; it continues with the team



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