When The Going Gets Tough….

I knew today would be a bit difficult. While the basic plan was simple, the problem was that the process could easily be confusing. Kids were going to learn how to log in, set up their folders on the network drive and log in to the school website. I was also excited to start the day with less need for medication than I had been having to use in recent days. Then as the old saying goes, the day began and all the plans went out the window.

First, the good part. One of the other teachers had already taught the kids how to log in. This made life so much easier since I only had to teach the class one time and then work with about half the kids individually as they worked to log in for the first time. Many of them had never learned how to confirm a password. They entered their temporary password, then they had to enter their new password. They pressed enter and when it didn’t work, they called me over and showed me what they had done…pressing enter again before I could let them know that they needed to type in the password again in the “Confirm New Password” box. As I was working on helping the one person two more called out my name for help.

We finally got everyone logged in. Then it was time to try to log into the website. As sixth graders, usually they need to activate their accounts. Today, however, there were two problems. 1) My side of the website was giving me weird information and I wasn’t able to check on the status of each student. 2) Many kids didn’t realize that they had already activated their accounts. I didn’t know for sure if the students had actually activated their accounts or if they had extra help and someone had activated the accounts for them. What that means is that I have to now go back in and change the passwords for all the students who had their accounts activated earlier. That also meant that I couldn’t do what I what I needed to do teaching wise. A few kids who had never activated their did get their accounts activated today, so that was ok.

Then, with what little time was left, I had the students develop  their folder system. All they had to do was create five folders for their classes. The problem was, that by the time we got started after the previous problems, we didn’t have enough time to get all of that done.  So…we left work undone in two areas that needs to be picked up later. After two periods of problems like this, I finally made a change and did the folders first and then just had the kids trying to login and see what they could do on the website.

To make matters worse, my asthma, which hadn’t acted up for a while, started giving me issues in the middle of first period and it kept causing me problems all day long. With the login difficulties, rushing from one side of the room to the other helping students and asthma problems, today was a draining day. That being said, we made it through the day, and we have a brighter day planned for tomorrow. But today, when the going got tough, this tough teacher at chocolate…and ran out of it.



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