The problems of yesterday led to calm for today…mostly. I had some problems with the website issues, but those were a quick fix. The really good part of that is that they have had two days to learn that when things go wrong, there are always workarounds when it comes to technology. Their passwords from yesterday were fixed. I finally found a workaround for the class lists that were messed up. While it was still hectic in some ways; it wasn’t frantic and those kids that listened were able to get the important things done.

Things go wrong any time a lesson begins and the key is finding ways to get around those problems. Hopefully that’s life lesson for these kids. When life gives them trouble, as it will, I hope that they remember that there are always workarounds when those troubles occur. I didn’t give up when the troubles occurred. Yes, I was frustrated and the kids saw that, but they didn’t see me give up. I hope that if the kids learn anything from me it will be that they need to keep on trying no matter what happens. Sometimes you give up for the day, but then you come back the next day ready to fight the world, or city hall or just the small problem that you faced the day before.


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