Tuesday – College Week Continues

So this week is college week. Yes, especially at middle school! Today we had a recruiter from our local community college. I was especially happy to see her since that’s the college where my wife works. I, of course, let my kids know about that. I am extremely proud of my wife. She does a GREAT job in her role and I make sure to let my students know about that.

We spent time talking about the homework from the weekend and as expected, most of the kids who had complained grudgingly admitted that they actually enjoyed the time with family members. I don’t know if they would do it again, but they admitted that it wasn’t so bad. Then, the work continued on their projects. I love it when the lights start coming on in the kids heads as they work on projects and begin to put things together for the first time. The excitement as they begin to find what they want for their presentations becomes contagious. Kids start sharing information and ideas. They share techniques and I become less of a teacher and more of an observer, helping deal with things that they don’t know how to do. 

Then, finally, chess after school. I love teaching kids how the pieces move with small bits of strategy thrown in. Then the kids take over and they teach each other. Again, I set things up. I challenge them. They help each other and their knowledge grows. I love playing chess with the kids and helping them grow. 


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