So we started the day off with a meeting. Always loved that. When the AP leading the meeting mentioned how many walkthroughs she had been doing I thought, silently of course so as not to give her any ideas, “I wonder why I haven’t had any walkthroughs yet.”

Sure enough….got a walkthrough. Fortunately it was late enough in the period that she didn’t see me have to deal with the kids who were tardy to class with no reason…for the second day in a row. One of whom then decided she had to respond to anything I said or anyone else said whether it involved her or not. The opening activity demanded that everyone start and end together and so the tardiness and the ensuing issues with other students not ready kept pushing the time back.

During the activity – a five minute write on the topic of success – I had to remove two kids for continuous talking. Many warnings that they needed to be quiet and write without talking…and they continued. So they got to wait outside until we finished the writing and I was ready to talk with them while the kids worked on the next activity. After I talked with them and brought them back in, they sat down and began to work and my AP walked in with a big smile. She’s good, though, and these never worry me. It’s not like I’m going to do anything special.

Interestingly enough we were finishing up my vocabulary and the vocabulary that’s been assigned to me as an elective that we had talked about in the morning. Not the exciting stuff…but then again, the fun stuff for me now is watching the kids explore as they work on their projects and not having to do a lot of talking. Anyway things went well so I get to keep my job for another day or two.

Ended the day with an interest meeting for our robotics club. Overflowing room. I have another great person to work with this year, P.J. Dorsey. Her nephew did an amazing job in the past, and she’s just an overall amazing person so I’m excited to be working with her. We should probably be able to get two good teams out of this group.  This year is so great!


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