In the Heat of the Day

Today began like normal. I gave the kids their first test which caused me to make a few changes in the order of things. Well, that and the writing planned for today. The test should have been a simple test. Vocabulary. They had to recognize which word fit into the sentence. They got to use “all available resources.” That included their notes. They could have searched the web. The average grade was a 70.  Sigh.

They upgraded our software over the summer. The hardware is old. The blue screen of death appeared to strike every computer at least once today. Another computer stopped working so we are down to 20 desktops.  Sigh.

I have some laptops that I can use for the kids who didn’t have computers to take their test. They worked great. Except they couldn’t provide one specific kind of help.  Sigh

I noticed it getting warmer and warmer today. I finally looked at the thermostat. 80 degrees. I called the custodian to change the temp because it’s behind a locked box that I can’t access. She came in. The thermostat was set at 66. Went to check one more issue that didn’t help. Room stayed hot. I truly taught in the heat of the day. Interestingly enough, many kids still wore their jackets.  Sigh.

Today was just a tough day, mostly because of the heat. The heat saps energy and today’s heat just left me drained. It took me awhile to recover once I got home. And that’s about the sighs of it today.



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