Deadline tomorrow. CCEF grants are DUE! This year I would like to say that I didn’t procrastinate. The major part of the writing is done before midnight tonight. I have to get some info from some people who won’t answer me. Ok, maybe I’m being a bit unrealistic to expect people to be checking their school email at home at 10:45 at night…but hey, I’m writing things at that time. Why aren’t they as committed as me? (/bites tongue to avoid obvious jokes here)

Of course, it was a bit more difficult to finish before officially procrastinating since I had to work on phone calls. Yep…one of my classes think that it’s play time and I had to call a BUNCH of parents. I’m trying to teach responsibility in a couple of ways. It hasn’t started working yet. At least not for all of the kids. That being said, overall this is still a great bunch of kids!

But back to the grants. The last two years have been frantic after midnight texts and Facebook messaging trying to word things just right with the young lady that welcomed me to Cunningham. I had at one time promised NEVER to work on a grant again. (My friends will understand that.) Jennie got me hooked and I love seeking ways to help my kids. As much hard work as we teachers put into the grants, very rarely do they pay for the teachers to receive any funds. But, like most teachers, we’re ok with that since it means that instead of spending money out of our own pockets we’re able to get others to help us with the things we need/want to be able to teach our kids and provide enrichment they might want.

So…even while writing this another grant idea is coming to the fore. Jennie is creative and gets me thinking. We bounce ideas off each other and my membership in the “Just in Time” club has now been renewed…although I still haven’t sent in dues. The deadline is now, later today and we are now working on a new grant. Man I love the crazy frantic pace! Deadlines just make the creative juices flow.


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