A Quart Low

So, after last night’s inspired conversations that led to a late night collaboration in writing a grant and at least 3 hours of sleep…but not much more, I knew today would be rough. As I told my immediate supervisor “I had a blood test. My caffeine level was a quart low.”  I must admit that she did make a pot of coffee from her private stash that she allowed me to drink from. She not only cares about me but she wanted to protect my students.

I was pretty strong even working on getting grant papers signed and running all kinds of errands…until about the middle of the next to last period. The coffee had run out. I hit the wall. Fortunately it was only a virtual wall or my face would have been destroyed. Nevertheless, I held out until the day was over. Overall it was a good day. I’d say more…but I’m still a quart low.


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