The Day After

Now that jury duty is out of the way, it was time to get back to work today. First order of business – read the notes from the sub.  You never know exactly what a sub’s gonna do or how the kids will react to the sub. Overall they did ok. Many of them did tell her that they had finished their assignments when they hadn’t…and she allowed them to play computer math games. Unfortunately she had no way to verify whether or not they were finished for real so that just means that the next time I have a sub – “No computers for you!”

Of course, I have a new test idea. They will need to write the procedures, step by step, to submit work online and to attach work to an email when they are late. O, we’ll go over it. I will take the test directly from their notes. I’m hoping that they pass the test.

I should also note that I am truly the hottest teacher on campus – except for the PE coaches who work outside most of the day. Of course, I would prefer that my air conditioners get fixed so I can lose that title. It’s been two weeks since the AC units went out. I’ve gotten enough heat!

Finally … chess club. OOPS! Forgot to run off problems for the kids. Today I passed out the flyer for one tournament and told them about the other. Then I let them play. I did some teaching near the end on how to checkmate with a King and Queen against a King.

Oh well, random thoughts for the day….


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