Teacher Talk

So last night I went to one of THOSE talks. Yep, the one where the financial adviser buys you dinner and then explains about your retirement options. We need to take care of a few things before I even think of retiring, but I have to think about retiring in order to do those things, so last night was good for me. (And no, I’m not ready to retire yet.)

So at lunch today the discussion turned to retirement. Rules have changed and people who are considering retirement have some deadlines that need to be taken care of immediately. Some of the discussion contradicted what I heard last night. But since I’m not ready to retire this year, I have plenty of time to look into it..if I don’t put it off. Then after school, another teacher talked to me about looking at retirement! He’s doing the serious investigation. He’ll be making his decision soon.

On a lighter note, one of my three air conditioners is working now. Got down to a chilly 77 in the room. Kids complained less too. Now…to get caught up on grading!


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