Teacher’s Pain

I saw some students in the office the other day. They complained that they were in the office because the teacher hated them. I took the time to let them know that teachers are teachers because they want to make a difference and help kids. No teacher starts the year looking at the list of their students thinking, “I’m going to like this one. I’m going to hate that one.” Etc. Just then the principal walked by and when she asked what was going on. They gave her a little bit more information than they had given me which I thought was interesting. Then, the Superintendent of Schools came in and the principal went to her meeting with him.

I have a student that thinks I don’t like him. He is my teacher’s pain. He disrupts class. He says that he doesn’t care about himself. When I asked him what he cares about he said nothing. He won’t do any work although he is not only capable, he is more than able to get A’s in my class and help other students at the same time. He has the potential to do great things. If I could reach only one student this year I would make him the student I would reach. He is the student I would light a fire under to find a way use his full potential. I would have no greater joy as a teacher than the joy of seeing him take advantage of all his abilities. When I have to deal with his lack of caring about himself, though, that gives me pain. The inability to break through his shield is my teacher’s pain.


2 thoughts on “Teacher’s Pain

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