Test Day

I arranged a test today for kids that should have taken 20 minutes at most. Most did not finish it in class. I am pulling hair out over this. After telling kids they needed to turn in two separate files, they stopped after turning in one. They thought I was cruel to ask them to keep working after they finished the one paper. Oh well….finish tomorrow.


2 thoughts on “Test Day

  1. SO…..I’ll bite: what did you actually ask them to do?
    (I’d like to see if I agree it was “20 minutes at most” – probably true, but….)
    Oh, and….bet it would have been done in 5 min, IF they’d thought it was a game………..

    • They were to logon to computers, logon to the school website, go to my class and click on the “Skills Test” link. After they were read the directions, they were supposed to follow them as well, having the directions right there in front of them. Directions were:
      a) download a vocabulary test (4 questions)
      b) do the test (using all available resources) [and save it of course]
      c) submit the test online
      d) search “success”
      e) find a quote on success (any from the article would do)
      f) copy and paste the quote into a Word Document
      g) copy and paste the URL into the Word Document
      h) save the document
      i) attach it to an email and send it to me.

      They were given instructions on both submission procedures (online and email) that they were supposed to have been written down. They were able to use their notes. Both submission procedures are necessary to turn in work for me. We have done the test style before. They have already done internet research.

      When I did it, taking extra breaks and pauses, it was less than 10 minutes.

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