Love The Clubs!

I really enjoy working with the kids in clubs. You get to work with kids at the point of their interest. You get to know them much better than you can in the classroom. You actually have fun working together on projects or on learning new skills. That’s why I like working with kids in clubs.

I do a lot of clubs with kids. People ask me why. People ask me how I can do it. It’s simple. My kids are grown. I don’t have to get home to watch them like many of the other teachers. I don’t have to be a chauffeur taking 1 kid here, another kid there and the third kid to still another place while then running back to  the first kid to pick him up to work on homework and then…well you get the idea. So many of the younger teachers have to worry about all these things and I don’t. My wife has an extremely busy schedule as well. So, it’s either sit at home and twiddle my thumbs or spend the extra time with the kids. We’ve got such great kids that it’s an easy choice. Now…to find a way to raise enough money to bring our robotics club equipment up to date…


One thought on “Love The Clubs!

  1. Hi,
    I also like clubs. I’m not a teacher but I organize a Robotics Club for our local high school. I’m an electrical engineer by trade. I love showing the students new things and hearing their “wow”s. This year we are building a simple object avoidance robot using an Arduino chip. So far, using Processing to graphically display the sensor outputs has gotten the most interest. One student even emailed me after the class for the Processing web page so he could download it at home. Lots of fun.

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