First Six Weeks – Finished

Six weeks are finished. Well, all but the grading I still have to do. That and the weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth when the kids see their grades, but that’s normal. Six weeks is 15% of the year…well, almost 17% actually. I have learned a lot about myself this last 6 weeks. Some of it’s good; some of it’s bad. I’ve learned a lot about my students. Some of it’s good; some of it’s bad. Now that we’ve had six weeks together, it’s time to refocus and find a way to reach all of my students. 

There is the kid who is my Teacher’s Pain. I’ll be honest, I pray more about him than any of the other kids. There is the kid who is talkative and disruptive. He’s making a high “B” in the class but complains that it’s too hard. There are the usual assortment of kids who don’t have confidence in themselves, are overwhelmed by the subject or just don’t care. I do pray for all of them. I need to be praying more, of course. What I really need is the wisdom to find ways to get them engaged in the learning process. I want the bell to go off and hear the kids groan because they have to leave class. I want them to reach down deep inside themselves and surprise themselves as the accomplish far more than they ever thought they could. 

These kids may have difficult backgrounds in some cases, but they have a bright future ahead of them. I know that for most of them, I want to see them succeed more than they do. Somehow, in some way, I have to break through their barriers and get them to the point of wanting to succeed more than I want them to. I want them to own their success and their future. And beginning that process is my goal for the next six weeks until the end of the year.


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