New Stuff

My veteran robotics team met today. I’m a bit worried for them. The newer, younger team is on fire and is already ahead of them! We’ll see what happens as the time goes on. Our biggest challenge now? Building the pieces for the game board.

Meanwhile, today I rolled out the new Chrome Books. Out of 24, 3 are already in need of repair. One had a weird keyboard issue from the start. I found it while I was doing a few tests on the Chrome Books. Wires were crossed or something and we couldn’t even spell the name of our school because hitting the letter “n” produced the letter “k.” And There was nowhere on the whole keyboard could I make the “n” appear. IT didn’t believe me…until they checked it out. (Other letters had that same issue.) It’s been in the shop for two weeks now. It should be coming back!

But I have two computers that just plain froze. Turning these computers off is a function of software…or at least the hardware doesn’t work when the software freezes up. I can’t take the battery out – something about messing up the warranty. So those two computers need to be worked on by IT. Hard to teach the new way of doing things that the Chrome Book will need when they won’t work. We have some back-up laptops, but those laptops, which were the in thing last week caused one student to sulk and pout when I gave her one after telling her to stop doing something on the Chrome Book….and she didn’t.

The biggest problem with something like this, especially since I don’t have one to use to demonstrate, is that the kids have to learn by following online directions. For some reason, as 6th graders they aren’t used to following any directions yet. Or so it would seem. I can say that this is the biggest problem now, because I think I’ve solved the biggest problem before: keeping them charged up. When we bought them, we couldn’t afford carts that would charge them overnight. I think my solution using old carts should work! I’m running a test overnight, but it appeared to be working as I left school. The old saying is true: I’ve been in education where I have had to accomplish so much with so little for so long that I am now able to make practically anything with absolutely nothing. I’m not saying too much to my principal now since she has talked about buying the carts this year. SHhhhhhhh!


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