Calmer Day

Today was a bit calmer as we continued working with the Chrome Books. One of my students pestered me to try and work with the Chrome books that froze up yesterday. Exasperated, I told him that nothing worked, but I agreed to hold the on/off switch for longer. (Normally, 10 seconds works.) After 15 seconds, the Chrome Books turned off.  (Insert exasperated sigh here.) Off course, this is one of the students that seeks new ways to cause exasperation. Today he decided to try being right. While it worked, most of all I was glad that the kids could use the Chrome Books.

Kids began experimenting a little more and trying out their wings. I remind them that they will be the experts on the Chrome Books because I don’t have one to use. We have a class set of 24 and we have class sizes of up to 25. We are doing a familiar type of project. I’m just going to have to be sure about the procedure of turning it in!



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