Parent Meetings

One of the great things about parent meetings is that we usually get to see some great parents. or so it would seem. So why is it that after meeting and the explanation of the issue, within a week, the kid is back to what was never normal before? I had 3 parent meetings the last two days. In all of them the parents and the children admit that the student can do better. We will see what happens. 

As teachers we have a lot of hoops to jump through before we write kids up. Some events are obvious immediate write-ups: fighting, cussing out a teacher, walking out of class, deliberate damage to equipment, etc. What bothers me is when I see or hear of kids being written up for not having a pencil. Seriously? At a previous school we did a survey of some of the local businesses. We asked about our students and their relationship with the businesses. We discovered that the number one category of items stolen was {insert drumroll here} school supplies. As a result of that, I have a very strict policy on pencils. If you need one, you have to ask for one. (And, as I tell the kids, telling me “I need a pencil,” is not asking for one!)

Actually though, the biggest reason kids are in the office is…does anyone know? Yes! Their teacher hates them. At least that’s what they tell me. When they do, I look them gravely in the eye and nod my head while telling them, “Of course. They have to hate you. You’re on the list.” Their eyes widen as I tell them that every week we sit down and review the list of students that teachers are supposed to hate to make sure we have the right ones there. Then we work to make their lives miserable if they are on the list. Just as they begin to really believe me I let them know the truth. In fact, teachers love their students and are in the business because we want to find ways to make positive differences in their lives. Then I remind them that if teachers take the time and trouble to write them up, it’s because their teachers care. Then it begins to sink in….


started writing this last night and went to bed….owe one for “almost Friday” and for Friday still….


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