I love Projects. I think making the kids learn the skills they need in order to complete a project is one of the best ways to learn. As much as I hated group projects when I was growing up, I really enjoy watching the kids work together on their group projects around the computer. Work is done in class, so everyone’s contribution can be measured. I can encourage all the kids to participate.

So, as I was getting ready for a project recently I arranged the groups. (That was my plan this time.) I meticulously planned who would be with whom and where they would sit. Then, I lost 3 students. So I rearranged the classes where those students came from to set up the groups again. Then, today, just as I was getting ready to start the project, I got 2 new students. One of them was a returning student who took the group past the number that I could really work with. So I fixed that group up and I fixed the class up with the other new student. Then, in the middle of an earlier class, the completely new student walked in. They had changed his schedule and had placed him in that earlier class. So, I had to throw him in with a group that had already started working, get a computer for him to work with and THEN discovered that he didn’t have a log in to use.

It was at that point that I began to understand those teachers who like worksheets. After that class was over, I had a chance to breathe. (Lunch) and as lunch was ending, I suddenly realized that I had to rearrange the other class one more time. I spent so much time dealing with the arrangements and fighting my voice problems that I did a terrible job of setting things up. So….I have to work with Plan B since I had a doctor’s appointment scheduled for tomorrow and this was set up for the sub to have specific work to do when I wasn’t there.


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