Homecoming Dance

Today was the homecoming dance. I always like to be there for the kids. One of the drawbacks, for an old guy like me, is listening to the music. I hear the lyrics and wonder what our kids are learning these days. The kids claim that they don’t really listen to the lyrics, but I see them mouthing the words right along with them. It’s sad what music has become. Dancing is an issue too. Our kids didn’t get really bad overall, but there were a few engaging in “inappropriate dance moves.”

That being said, if you are as old as I am, one of the things that amazes me about dances these days is that every song has its own dance moves. When a song come on, the kids immediately begin the steps that go with that song. Old as I am, I was mystified as to why that was. Suddenly I realized why. They were playing the video along with the song and I began to realize that the kids were imitating the moves of the artists. They weren’t looking at the video, I was. They knew the video by heart and their moves synched up perfectly to the moves I saw on screen.

So how is it that kids, who can’t figure out what to write about the vocabulary word that we have been talking about and working with all week and sometimes can’t even figure out that we are writing about that word, even though we follow the same pattern every week can learn intricate dance steps and do them from memory. I can’t imagine being able to do those steps. (And no, favorite daughter, it’s not just because I’m old! I actually used to be able to dance.) I know the music plays a large part in this. Repetition is also important. They see and copy again and again. The challenge is there to make things look just like the video. If they can copy those steps – they can learn a few academic things as well. So how do I tap into that knowledge?


2 thoughts on “Homecoming Dance

  1. The same thing happens with trading cards like Pokemon cards. Kids know all the creatures, their stats and how they compare with other creatures. But with school topics, they have problems.

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