Three busy days. Late hours trying to get grading up to date and phone calls made. A night at a fundraiser banquet and then late night last preparing for a presentation for our school for today.  But…let’s take this one step at a time.

It’s time for grades to go in for progress reports and I want to make sure that kids had a chance to check their grades. So, I was up late grading Sunday night. Then, I needed to contact parents of students who were not passing. I called as late as I felt comfortable and then spent much of the rest of the night emailing parents. Which left no time to update the blog.

Then Tuesday night I had a dinner to go to with my wife. She is involved with a local board of a non-profit agency that works with the deaf and hard of hearing. It was their big fundraiser night and we were scheduled for a dinner and a night with Josh Sundquist. Josh is a motivational speaker who has quite a history as a cancer survivor and a paralympian. He does have a leg to stand on….but only one. (Yes, he would appreciate that line.) He is well known for his halloween costumes. This year, he’s going as a flamingo…but you’ll have to search for that picture yourself.  Anyway, it was a great evening and those who have been around say that this was the best event in the 18 year history. He is a great guy. Got home too late and too tired to post.

Wednesday night – a parent meeting that lasted til almost 5:00 when I usually need to leave by 4:45 at the latest. Then church. When my late bible study was cancelled, I headed BACK to school to prepare for our school’s display at a different fundraiser for The Corpus Christi Education Foundation. These people fund grants for local schools and have really helped us at my school. We always want things to look just right. We, being the whole school in general, but also our principal and Jennifer Welch, my partner in grants. We got to put the display together for our school this year. In real life English that means I got a few things together, Jenn got a bunch of things together. I got the technology ready then I followed her instructions.

But I get ahead of myself. We both arrived about the same time and brought things into the show area. We put the display together. (Read previous commentary.) This year was different. Our district is focusing on teaching the whole child. So rather than pinpointing one subject or area of instruction we had work from many different subject areas and integrated it in the display. To be honest, this display should really catapult Jenn into stardom. [Inside joke…but to demonstrate Newton’s laws of motion, 8th grade science students built catapults and we displayed them.] After the demonstration, we tore down the display, brought things back to school and I had robotics and a parent conference. Parent conference ran into the time I was supposed to be at another, non-school meeting so I missed that. Ultimately, job and the kids come first.

It’s been nice to relax tonight. Then after a good night’s sleep, we’ll finish a project tomorrow and hopefully see a lot of kids caught up with late projects. And after that…to prepare for a chess tournament on Saturday! The fun just never stops!


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