Something Hit the Fan….

Faculty meeting today. It began fifteen minutes early because there was so much to cover. Wow. After seeing the remains of two or three forests being passed out to those of us at the meeting; we were all staggered. You see, our school has had some issues in the past related to state testing. The state, not being happy with that, has sent out a … er … someone to help us do better. It seems that her solution involves paperwork. Lots of paperwork. Because the world needs teachers to spend far more time doing paperwork than they are already doing. Something really did hit the fan.

The rest of the day wasn’t too bad. Kids were on a field trip. That made the classes smaller and we had a chance to catch up on some things. No real problems with behavior. Kids came back towards the end of the day but without any problems. Got pulled from my class for a meeting that was supposed to be over before the end of the day. I had everything ready to go for chess club. Then, the meeting ran long. Then, while in the meeting, I was called to another meeting with a parent. The first meeting finished, I ran back to the room to say hello to the chess club and run back to the other meeting. Had a good meeting with the parent and ran back to the chess club to check on them. I wanted to talk with them about last Saturday’s chess tournament. As I started to talk with them, I got a phone call and needed to meet with another parent. By the time that meeting was finished, the chess club had left.

All the parent meetings were good. The kids enjoyed chess club even without me…maybe especially without me. In the meanwhile, we do have a big job in front of us. It’s gotta be all of us working together. Not only for the sake of the children, but also for the sake of the trees.


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