Some Days are just Days…

So yesterday was so busy that I didn’t have a chance to write. Showed up at school a little before 8:00 so that I could set up the room to revise the way I do things (our dear little friend from the state who is helping us) be there for the robotics group,  and input lesson plans. The day was filled up at work ending in a parent meeting after school. That wouldn’t have been so bad, but then I had another chairman’s meeting after school on another campus. I rushed to the meeting with the parent. They let me go first. (I DO love the people I’m working with!) Then I rushed over to the other school for the meeting….and sat and waited for it to start. (I had been thinking about indulging myself in an after school snack and decided not to so I wouldn’t be late….and I would have been ok.) At 6:05 I had to leave the meeting because of an obligation with my church. Was only a little bit late for that – but it wouldn’t start without me because I had to bring the food. Finished that and got home about 8:30…and we had to go eat. After that, I had some other preparation work to do….and I didn’t even get my grading done. Finally went to bed about 11:15 exhausted.

Today, I got there early and worked on the grading I didn’t get done last night. Had issues with the computer and the internet so I had to ask my compadre next door for help since I left my flash drive at home and got started late. Had a normal day except for an emergency cry for help from the AP who does my evaluation. (But more than that, she’s a friend who needed help!) and had other things like that I needed to do. Chess Club after school and then home early – by 5:30.

I still have some other work to do and then some grading and maybe I’ll get a chance to work on my novel. (Do you know about NaNoWriMo?) I didn’t do anything yesterday and don’t expect much today. Wednesday is always bad…hopefully by Thursday I can get back to some serious writing?



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