Every Teacher’s Goal

I meant to post this last night, but I got caught up in writing. I was observed yesterday and I had the opportunity to do what should be one of those once in a lifetime goals during and observation. I was able to tell an elephant joke and actually have it make sense. Really. We were talking about developing a program to prevent diabetes in kids. As we talked about the steps they would need to include I asked them how they would know if they were successful in preventing diabetes. That, of course, would be difficult. When they didn’t seem to understand I switched gears and ask them if they knew why I wore a tie most days to school. After numerous intelligent guesses I stopped their guesses and told them that it was because research had shown that if I wore a tie, elephants wouldn’t trample the school. When they objected, I pointed out that it must have worked because no elephants had trampled the school. Then we went on to discuss ways to determine if the plan was successful.

So – if you’ve never told an elephant joke as part of an observation – find a way to work one in!


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