Open Doors

Somewhere in the Bible it talks about an open door that can’t be shut. (Yes, I know it’s in Revelation. Just play along here.) That was part of the problem yesterday and today: open doors that would not lock. The wood holding the door jamb began rotting out recently and yesterday, the door jamb fell out. Our chief custodian did a quick and dirty repair to provide security overnight. The real repairs were supposed to happen in the morning on Tuesday. By 1:15, they hadn’t come and the earlier repair work was no longer holding.

I talked to our Principal’s secretary who called downtown. By 1:30 the repair crew was there. They said it was worse than they thought and they would do a makeshift repair while doing major repairs in the morning. I don’t know what they were expecting when we told them it was real bad….

They did fix another issue with the door, and I’m grateful for that.

We just have an old building. It has lots of repair issues. Kids come to our school from a completely new and up-to-date elementary school. They will leave and go to a refurbished high school. Our middle school was built in the 50’s and aside from some wiring and retasking of rooms, not much has been done to upgrade them. My door locks will be the first of many problems that will happen because the buildings are old. There seems to be a disparity regarding upkeep of our buildings and money spent on our school. It’s time to check things out and see just where the money is in the district and how it’s allocated. For years the excuse is that schools like ours are “Title 1” and have all kinds of money. Now, more and more schools in the district are Title 1 and the money doesn’t go as far when it’s split up in more places. It’s time for some to stop with the flip answers and take the time to find out just what is happening. It’s pretty sad when a door that should be part of one of the most secure rooms on campus can’t be shut and locked because the wood is rotting out and the door can be pulled open when locked.

Now, if I could just find open doors for all of my students…..


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