Good Times

So tonight I want to be positive. Today was an exciting day at school. Our 8th graders had a chance to hear from BernNadette Stanis. She was in town for another function and she contacted our school to see if she could speak. WOW! Were we honored! If you don’t know her, she was Thelma from Good Times. Ok, I’ll admit. I didn’t watch Good Times. When I checked the series out it was from 1974 – 1979. Think Senior year (ok, last half of Junior year) in High School to College and beginning of married life. (We did not have a TV by choice for about 5 years.)

That being said, the fact that she chose to speak on our campus was a great encouragement. Looking at her biography, it looks like her life story was exactly what our kids need to hear. While I could not be there, since I don’t teach 8th graders, I heard that she was amazing. The kids were fully engaged and the Assistant Principal told me that she did a great job. She does have some kind of a new project coming out, apparently, and it looks like a good one. Knowing something of the reality in her new project (deliberately not named so you have to go there to find out about it) I’m glad to see that issue being addressed.

So, thanks Ms. Stanis for visiting our school and inspiring our kids. We were very blessed to have you here.


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