The Agony and The Ecstasy

Great title, right? I could say that I stayed up all night thinking of that one, but some of you might google this and find out I stole it from the Charleton Heston/Rex Harrison movie. But today was one of those days. Things were going good. Then, it was time for one of the classes that I struggle with. Today was that last day of the six weeks to get work turned in and I was trying to get some things done so that kids might be able to pass. Then it happened. A fire drill. I couldn’t believe it. A freaking fire drill on the last day of the six weeks. I can’t tell you how upset and angry I was. When kids are right on the bubble, they need every bit of help we can give them…and then a fire drill comes along and takes that chance away from them. The real irony of the story is that while we were walking out to the assembly area – someone in the neighborhood needed an ambulance. So the kids heard the ambulance and the fire truck roaring down the street and were sure that the school was on fire.

That was the agony. The ecstasy involves one of the kids that came to mind during the song “Worn” that I noted in the post Reversal.   This past week that child has done an amazing reversal and, while not perfect, his behavior has improved and his work ethic was great. I made a point of telling him how proud I was of him. I then made sure that the AP who has been working with him knew about his good behavior and his work. That class has been very good recently and I have enjoyed the change.

Two six weeks period are now finished. That’s one-third of the year finished. We still have so much to learn. I’m getting ready to hit it hard again for one week…and then Thanksgiving week.


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