Ooops! – We’re back….And I’ve Been Slacking

All of the sudden I realized that we’re back in school and I haven’t updated things. I had the chance to show one of my favorite videos in class the other day. It’s the video of an old Nightline feature on the IDEO Design Company. My kids are learning about the design process and while we’ve seen the sterile: “Step 1, Step 2, Step 3…” approach in class, this video highlights each of these steps wonderfully, but in the actual messy process that the design process is. This video includes the phrase that I ought to have plastered over my door to warn students as they enter: “This is where the crazies live. This is where we do our work.”

Two of the classes will be able to see video clips again. (And did so today) I will have to make other arrangements for the other classes. That was frustrating then. Today started off with a bunch of little things that were annoying. Then, everything just got worse. Nothing major of course…just everything accumulated. My professional advice about a situation involving my class wasn’t only ignored – it wasn’t solicited. A decision was made that tried to solve a problem and, in my professional opinion, will only make any alleged problem worse as far as my class is concerned. We ended the day with a parent meeting with the child present who has basically shown that he isn’t going to work. It isn’t lack of effort by me, in my classes situation. He just won’t do it. I care for each of my kids – perhaps too much. I know that I often care more about them than they do themselves. But if we want to see how many times more I care, we usually can. With this kid, I’m dividing by zero…or a negative number and that messes up the division.

I was supposed to accomplish a lot at home tonight mainly because I didn’t accomplish a lot of grading at school today. But anytime I can’t reach a kid, it gets me down. Any time things are made worse for my students, it gets me angry and down. So I do things to get my mind off of school. And it works for awhile. Then I realize the other kids deserve the best me that they can get. And it’s time to get back to work again.


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