Back to Class

Stop the presses! Wait for this news! I actually got to spend all day today in the classroom! That’s right. I wasn’t needed to help a committee. They didn’t need to call me back and teach me how to set up the changed website. I got to spend all day in my classroom with my students. For the most part, they appeared to be glad to see me back, too. At least a few said they were glad to see me. I think the meant it.

I had an interesting question from one member of a class that likes to see if they can try my patience. He asked me why it was other students told him that I laughed and smiled with them while I didn’t with his class. I handed him a small poster that I have. It says in effect: if you want a nice teacher, behave and do your work; if you want a mean teacher, don’t behave and don’t do your work. I then told him that I had pointed that out at the beginning of the year and that I promised I would respect their wished. Since he is one of those whose talking tries my patience, he’s one of the major reasons for the teacher they see.

So…need to get grading done for the progress report time. The reports will go home just before Christmas. Wow. That’s no fun! I hope some kids get some work turned in before I need to finish turning in grades. Of course, I need to get a lot of grading done. So why am I here instead of grading….


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